Office center of «A» class | TDK Tulsky

Office center of «A» class

  • An ideal location;
  • Original architecture, visualization on the facades;
  • Original design and interior concept;
  • Mixed-use: class “A” offices, restaurants, cafes, shops, services, event-zone;
  • Up-to-date engineering systems;
  • World renowned successful tenants;
  • Three parking zones.

Comfort in each detail
Engineering equipment
Engineering equipment
In the Tulsky Mixed-use Center the latest technologies and engineering equipment are used:
  • isolated power saving system
  • conditioning and ventilation with a built- in air humidifying system
  • intelligent system of building control
  • soft-running elevators with least wait
There is an underground parking in the complex, which is accessed by elevator directly from the Tulsky Mixes-use Center.
Provided around the clock professional security and modern security system. video surveillance of the common areas of the building, perimeter, parking.
Cleanliness and comfort are provided at the highest quality standards.
Telephony and internet
Telephony and internet
Tenants have a large choice of operators providing high-quality communication services: “BEELINE”, “KDDI”, “Globus-telecom”, “Garstelecom”, “Avantel”, “Megafon”.
The functioning of all engineering systems of the complex is maintained round the clock by the security service.
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billiards player
passes around the table
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makes up the stopping distance
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from a speed of 50 km per hour
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employee of the Tulsky Mixed-use Center
goes from the job
to the metro office
Leaders work with us
Elliott Group
Elliott Group
Elliott Group designs, manufactures, supplies, and also serves dynamic equipment for various applications in the oil and gas, oil and gas processing, petrochemical industries, in the production of LNG, and for other technological and energy industries. Elliott Group has a global network of sales and technical support offices, as well as full-service centers in Europe and Asia.
LEDVANCE is one of the two leading manufacturers of lighting equipment in the world. The company's scope of activity covers the entire production chain from individual components to electronic ballasts, as well as including complete lighting devices, light control systems and lighting solutions.
Infobip quickly and easily connects users and businesses via mobile services. 200 thousand customers and 300 mobile operators trust Infobip services. Infobip company creates an interactive mobile world, allowing everyone to get a bright inspiring experience of interactive communication.
Why do we like being here? Pleasant decoration, comfortable elevators, lots of light, all the necessary infrastructure, tasty food, close to the subway. We are here like at home, but at the same time there is a business environment around. And if you want to take a break, you can always go to the open terrace.