Find or create a special gift on February 23!
Come to TDK "Tulskiy" to celebrate the Maslenitsa week!
Spend the uforgettable corporate party and enjoy refined cuisine in a cosy interior of FAN ZONE Lounge Bar in Tulsky.
We guarantee the magic atmosphere and special prices.
It's Friday, friends!
Come and celebrate the beginning of weekend in "Il PATIO".
Feel the magic christmas atmosphere in all our Star Hit cafes.
Meet our ginger man friends - ginger cake latte, chocolate chip banana latte, peanut-caramel latte, mint mocca and many more.
See you in our fixed price Star Hit Cafe in Tulsky!
And what if your birthday is the same day as Black Friday?
Happy Birthday "Tulsky"!
On November 22nd "Tulsky" will celebrate its 8th anniversary.
Every Thursday starting from 19-00 we entertain you with our cool drinks and live music.
Belarus is famous for its clean and untouched nature. Belarusian cosmetics - a chain of stores "Zapovednaya Polyana".
Even more opportunities for you in "Tulsky"!
We installed a Tinkoff Bank ATM on the second floor in the "Financial Services" department.
Even the earliest morning should be peppy! This is the opinion of the Starbucks staff, so we are ready to work for you from 7.30 on weekdays and from 8.00 on weekends.
There are delicious coffee and fragrant pastries, and even the earliest morning will become good!
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